Thursday, 30 September 2010

Turning My Head to Fantasy

Now, let me get this clear. I will not be getting Fantasy in the near future. I have been interested in Fantasy far longer than I have 40K, and my original army choice has changed a lot. My brother (who never quite got into it) got a couple of Empire bowmen, and I was quite impressed. He had painted them brilliantly (I was about 6 at the time, I probably wouldn't say the same now). From that point until about 3 years ago I was sure that if I ever started Warhammer it would be Empire. But then, out of boredom, I browsed the Warhammer website and saw two armies that interested me.

Those armies were Wood Elves and Skaven. Both looked amazing, and also seemed like they'd play to my style. However, in another boredom-driven website scan I realised that a starter army should be easy to use, and rounded, as opposed to a specialist faction like Wood Elves, or masses of Skaven armies that would take ages to paint. So, after realising I should go for an army, and still be badass, I have got my mind set on Warriors of Chaos. They are fairly rounded, completely evil and great at kit-mashing to! A perfect fit to my ideal army.

"What do mean great at kit mashing? You collect Crons!" 

You should see my Destroyer headed Warrior

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