Wednesday 27 April 2011

My Guys Died... A Lot

I am not surprised, nor should I be. However, actually playing with my army, I am feeling much more confident as to what I will be doing with them. After playing an Arena of Death with my Destroyer Lord, I think my next investment should be a small unit of Destroyers to carry him into the centre of battle (after which the warscythe should take care of the enemy swiftly). I also learned another thing that day - killing Draigo makes you popular with his enemies.

I feel like I should finish with something witty or reflective, but I can't think of anything.

Wednesday 20 April 2011

First Battle (#2)

After a very lengthy and unexplained break from the hobby, I have finally arranged to have a 500pt battle against my friend's Tau (a whole 11 months after buying my first models). I am still a bit unsure of the rules, but I believe that with a bit of luck, skill, and weighted dice, I have a chance to at least damage his army. I have not completely finalised the list, but I highly doubt that I will be able to fit in any Scarabs (a shame seeing they could prove helpful in tying up his Fire Warriors).

A few more notes:
- I have managed to begin painting so pictures of my army should be up by June
Luckless Xenos and Ko'vash both managed to get through to the national finals of the School League, I guess some sort of congratulations is required
- I have been planning a little terrain project, although it shall remain a secret until it is finished

Friday 15 October 2010

2 Week Holiday!!!

The October holidays are upon me and I have set a personal target. Spray and paint my current Troops/Destroyer Lord and purchase, assemble and possibly spray another set of troops. I would have had all my Warriors painted already but a flood of schoolwork hit me like a bomb.

In return, I give you this...

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Impressive Conversions

Just wanted to show an amazing Necron army I found on the internet. Haven't got a chance of meeting the quality of these models but I know that there has to be a better use for spare parts than lying on my desk.

Click Here for the website

Saturday 2 October 2010

Metal Models + GW Superglue = Failure

The Games Workshop thin superglue is not impressing me at the moment. Whilst gluing the Staff of Light arm onto my Destroyer Lord I found it had failed to create a strong bond after 2 minutes of pressure. I've tried roughening the edges with emery board and scoring with the blade of my scissor, but it's still hardly making anything. It is currently balanced above a couple of household bits and bobs after a minute of pressured holding. Anyway, more importantly, which superglue do my currently non-existant followers use?

Thursday 30 September 2010

Turning My Head to Fantasy

Now, let me get this clear. I will not be getting Fantasy in the near future. I have been interested in Fantasy far longer than I have 40K, and my original army choice has changed a lot. My brother (who never quite got into it) got a couple of Empire bowmen, and I was quite impressed. He had painted them brilliantly (I was about 6 at the time, I probably wouldn't say the same now). From that point until about 3 years ago I was sure that if I ever started Warhammer it would be Empire. But then, out of boredom, I browsed the Warhammer website and saw two armies that interested me.

Those armies were Wood Elves and Skaven. Both looked amazing, and also seemed like they'd play to my style. However, in another boredom-driven website scan I realised that a starter army should be easy to use, and rounded, as opposed to a specialist faction like Wood Elves, or masses of Skaven armies that would take ages to paint. So, after realising I should go for an army, and still be badass, I have got my mind set on Warriors of Chaos. They are fairly rounded, completely evil and great at kit-mashing to! A perfect fit to my ideal army.

"What do mean great at kit mashing? You collect Crons!" 

You should see my Destroyer headed Warrior

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Upcoming Battle - Troops Still In Shop

I have agreed to bring my small army of Necrons to my local club to be destroyed taught the basics of Warhammer 40k.

"Yes, I'm finally going to learn!"

Regrettably I highly doubt that will be the case. So far I only have one pack of Necron Warriors and a Destroyer Lord. I will aim to assemble another unit of Necron Warriors and possibly spray them in time for the battle on Monday. That will leave me with 24 Warriors (432), Destroyer Lord w. Resurrection orb (170), and 6 Scarab Swarms (72). An army valuing only 674, although I assume my opponent will be using a 1000 point army. I can only pray he remembers I'm just starting!